Whitehot Magazine, July 2008.

Industry of Luxury: Nicolas Lobo on Miami Art an interview with Thomas Hollingworth.

Interview excerpt:

“TH: What else is specific to Miami?

NL: Liquor sponsorship. 10 Cane, Grolsch, Bacardi, Hennessey. Miami is a lab for lifestyle marketing. Luxury marketing strategies get tried out here early on. We are privy to a lot of strange product placement strategies. For example you can have a piss broke party, absolutely full of bums and its sponsored by blue label – its fucking weird, but, on the up side you never have to pay for a drink.

TH: Can you expand on the luxury marketing strategy? Would you say that it’s true for artists as well? That they can use the currents of Miami as career stepping stones?

NL: The premise of Miami, or its main product that we sell is luxury lifestyle.”

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